Thank you for your interest in Child Improvement Through Therapy. 

CITT was founded in 1980 with a purpose of bridging the financial gap created by lack of insurance coverage for pediatric physical therapy.  Over the span of decades the economy and changes within the healthcare industry have influenced the vision and offerings for the organization.

Since its inception, CITT has helped more than 2,000 children get the treatment they needed. In more recent years, insurance plans have increasingly recognized the importance of physical and occupational therapy and expanded coverage of these plans. With our goal of seeing every child get the services they need largely realized, the board of directors has agreed to dissolve the organization. 

While CITT is no longer providing funding for therapy, two of our popular programs will continue to operate independently in conjunction with sister charities.

Sydney’s Closet provides short-term lending of durable medical equipment. The cause has banded together with The Sydney Hudson Foundation after whom the program is named.  If you are interested in donating or borrowing gently used durable medical equipment please contact or call 602-845-9039 for more information.

Workshops offering support, information and recreational opportunities for siblings, ages 6-13, of special needs children will continue under the leadership of Ryan House, fellow supporter of SibShops. To learn more or register for an upcoming workshop, please visit or click on the link below.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have served valley families for more than 35 years and sincerely wish you the very best of health.

2014 Child Improvement Through Therapy Board of Directors